NEWS New Report: Impactful approaches for community-wide engagement on antibiotic resistance <p>In the fall of 2023, the Uppsala Antibiotic Center, ReAct&nbsp;and Antibiotic Smart Sweden initiated a webinar and workshop series for promoting a systematic and meaningful engagement of communities and civil society groups as key stakeholders in the global response to antibiotic resistance. Now the collaboration releases a summary report from the initiative this far.</p> Wed, 31 Jan 2024 10:37:00 GMT 2024-01-31T10:37:00Z ENLIGHT-funded Conference on Antibiotic Resistance co-organized by the Uppsala Antibiotic Center <p><img alt="" height="123" src="/digitalAssets/1073/c_1073938-l_1-k_captura-de-pantalla-2023-11-09-a-las-19.04.03.png" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="600" /></p> Tue, 05 Dec 2023 10:55:00 GMT 2023-12-05T10:55:00Z UAC at Almedalen: Keeping antibiotics effective – can Sweden's experience apply elsewhere? A reality check <p>On June 30th, UAC and ReAct organized a seminar on how the Swedish experiences with the STRAMA programme may be useful inspiration for other countries who wish to improve stewardship of antibiotics in the human health sector - as well as what Sweden can learn from others. This seminar was arranged under Sweden&rsquo;s political week Almedalen, which runs annually in the capital city of Gotland, Visby.</p> Mon, 03 Jul 2023 09:30:00 GMT 2023-07-03T09:30:00Z UAC’s director, Dan Andersson, is awarded prestigious Uppsala University prize <p>UAC's director, Professor Dan Andersson, has been awarded the Bj&ouml;rk&eacute;n&nbsp;Prize, one of Uppsala University's most important scientific awards for outstanding research.&nbsp;The prize has been awarded jointly with Professor Lena Claesson-Welsh, from the Department of Immunology, Pathology, and Genetics.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 29 Jun 2023 08:12:00 GMT 2023-06-29T08:12:00Z The 2023 Göran Gustafsson lecture puts focus on antibiotic resistance <div> <p>Antibiotic resistance experts from various fields gathered on April 13th, 2023, for the G&ouml;ran Gustafsson lecture in medicine, an annual event arranged at Uppsala University, together with the G&ouml;ran Gustafsson Foundation for Research at Uppsala University and KTH. This year's lecture was part of a half-day symposium, and featured the keynote lecture by Professor Gerry Wright, Executive Director for Canada's Global Nexus for Pandemics and Biological Threats and Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University, Canada.</p> </div> <p></p> <p></p> Mon, 24 Apr 2023 09:22:00 GMT 2023-04-24T09:22:00Z New Method Bridging Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing with Species Identification <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1031/c_1031826-l_1-k_image_articlewebsite.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> <p>While the traditional approach of finding novel drug targets and developing treatments still plays an important role in managing AMR, it is clear that the future of AMR research must draw on new and more varied strategies. According to a new publication from one of our students at UAC, advances in diagnostic methods may be part of the solution.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 24 Oct 2022 09:02:00 GMT 2022-10-24T09:02:00Z Uppsala hosted first meeting of Nordic AMR centres <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1025/c_1025648-l_1-k_amrcenters2022-17.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> <p>On 1 and 2 September, the Uppsala Antibiotic Center hosted the first meeting of Nordic Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) centres, welcoming seven centres from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. The goal of the meeting was to create an alliance against antimicrobial resistance and find cooperation and synergy points across the different Nordic initiatives.</p> Thu, 08 Sep 2022 11:02:00 GMT 2022-09-08T11:02:00Z Carl Björvang defends his PhD work <p>This past 2nd of September, our PhD student Carl Bj&ouml;rvang defended his thesis &ldquo;Cracks in the Ivory Tower: Antibiotics Research and the Changes in Academia 1980-2015&rdquo;, a historical perspective of AMR research in Sweden.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1025/c_1025644-l_1-k_photo_carlsdefense.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> Mon, 05 Sep 2022 11:25:00 GMT 2022-09-05T11:25:00Z Alisa Rizvanovic defends her PhD thesis <p>Our doctoral candidate Alisa Rizvanovic received her degree on June 10th, 2022, following the successful defense of her thesis on the post-transcriptional gene regulation in Salmonella bacteria.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1025/c_1025602-l_1-k_img_6150.jpeg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> Tue, 21 Jun 2022 11:25:00 GMT 2022-06-21T11:25:00Z Klara Bertils defends her PhD work <p>On June 10th, 2022, our lig&uuml;ist Ph.D. student Klara Bertils was awarded the Ph.D. degree after the defense of her thesis on the social and interactional dimensions of fever and body temperature between patients and health professionals.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1020/c_1020144-l_1-k_img_7307.jpeg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> Fri, 17 Jun 2022 11:25:00 GMT 2022-06-17T11:25:00Z Gbemisola Allwell-Brown defends her PhD work <p>On May 19th, our Ph.D. student Gbemisola Allwell-Brown became a doctor after the defense of her thesis on antibiotic use among children in low and middle-income countries, where she studied global trends and contextual determinants of antibiotic prescription in Uganda.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1016/c_1016348-l_1-k_220519_gbemisola_defense-2.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="300" /></p> Wed, 25 May 2022 11:01:00 GMT 2022-05-25T11:01:00Z Sascha Krakovka defends his PhD work <p>This past 3rd of June&nbsp;2022,&nbsp;our Ph.D. student Sascha Krakovka successfully defended his doctoral thesis work on the biology, resistance, and treatment of the parasite Giardia intestinalis.&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1016/c_1016346-l_1-k_img_7269.jpeg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> Thu, 09 Jun 2022 11:25:00 GMT 2022-06-09T11:25:00Z Mona-Lisa Wernroth defends her PhD work <p>On the 13th of May 2022, Ph.D. student Mona-Lisa Wernroth successfully defended her dissertation on Type l diabetes in childhood and adolescence, environmental exposures, and gut microbiota, marking the end of an 8-year journey.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1015/c_1015364-l_1-k_img_6695.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="300" /></p> Wed, 18 May 2022 11:25:00 GMT 2022-05-18T11:25:00Z Bronwen Holloway defends her PhD work <p>This past 28th of April, our Ph.D. student Bronwen Holloway successfully passed her doctoral dissertation on acute febrile illness, antibiotic use, and the role of diagnostics to aid treatment in India.</p> <p><img alt="" height="400" src="/digitalAssets/1015/c_1015344-l_1-k_img_6651.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="300" /></p> Wed, 11 May 2022 13:25:00 GMT 2022-05-11T13:25:00Z The Uppsala Antibiotic Center continues working towards a future with effective antibiotics <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/1010/c_1010580-l_1-k_uac_workshop_crop.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> <p>After four years of operation, the Uppsala Antibiotic Center (UAC) now begins a second round of projects within their research school, expanding horizons through new research, education and a newly established collaboration with the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU).</p> Wed, 21 Apr 2021 08:02:00 GMT 2021-04-21T08:02:00Z New report on maximum levels of cross-contamination for antimicrobials in non-target feed <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/978/c_978180-l_1-k_arisa-chattasa-mj7ghtbkxyo-unsplash.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="400" /></p> <p>A new report on the maximum level of cross-contamination for 24 antimicrobial active substances in non-targeted feed has been published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in collaboration with the European Medicines Agency (EMA).&nbsp;</p> Mon, 01 Nov 2021 16:20:00 GMT 2021-11-01T16:20:00Z ENABLE-2: continuation of antibiotic development. Expression of Interest OPEN! <p></p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/974/c_974488-l_1-k_enable2_632b.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:02:00 GMT 2021-10-07T11:02:00Z PLATINEA 2.0: Innovation to improve antibiotic use <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/973/c_973552-l_1-k_national-cancer-institute-bygtytegjbo-unsplash.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> Fri, 01 Oct 2021 15:30:00 GMT 2021-10-01T15:30:00Z Christer Malmberg defends his PhD work <p>On the 21st of May 2021, our Ph.D. student Christer Malmberg successfully defended his dissertation on the development of an exciting new rapid diagnostic tool to assess antibiotic susceptibility in blood cultures: the&nbsp;<a class="editor-rtfLink" href="" target="_blank">QuickMIC</a>&nbsp;rapid AST system.&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/955/c_955744-l_1-k_christers_defense-1.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="250" /></p> Mon, 31 May 2021 13:25:00 GMT 2021-05-31T13:25:00Z 50mSEK to Research on Rapid Diagnostics <p><img alt="" height="198" src="/digitalAssets/942/c_942072-l_1-k_200610_50-million-crowns-to-research-on-antibiotic-resistance.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> <p>The newly created research consortium &ldquo;Very Fast Antibiotic Resistance Diagnostics&rdquo; at Uppsala University has been awarded 50 million Swedish crowns within the program Agenda 2030 Research Centers (SSF-ARC). Four Swedish consortia got to share a total of 200 million crowns.</p> Wed, 10 Jun 2020 11:02:00 GMT 2020-06-10T11:02:00Z New high-speed test shows how antibiotics combine to kill bacteria: CombiANT <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/894/c_894534-l_1-k_nytt_snabbtest_visar_hur_antibiotika_samverkar_for_att_doda_bakterier.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> <p>Our director and collaborators have now published a very exciting study!</p> <p>Here you have the press coverage done at UU for this study.</p> <p></p> <p></p> Fri, 18 Sep 2020 09:22:00 GMT 2020-09-18T09:22:00Z New UAC activity report published <p><img alt="" height="450" src="/digitalAssets/883/c_883346-l_1-k_mockup_report.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="600" /></p> <p>Another two years have passed and thanks to the incredible work of the students and faculty at UAC, we continue to be a consistent contributor to the field of AMR. To demonstrate our progress, we have published another biennial report for the 2020-2021 period which outlines the successes and accomplishments of the center and all those involved.</p> Tue, 19 Apr 2022 08:02:00 GMT 2022-04-19T08:02:00Z The AMR Studio: UAC's podcast on multidisciplinary AMR research <div></div> <div> <p></p> <p>We launch our newest outreach project, &quot;The AMR Studio&quot;, with the occasion of the World Antibiotic Awareness Week.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/digitalAssets/753/c_753878-l_1-k_amrstudio-1.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="500" /></p> </div> Mon, 12 Nov 2018 07:00:00 GMT 2018-11-12T07:00:00Z UAC at Almedalen political week 2018 <p><img alt="" class="image-left" src="/digitalAssets/721/c_721992-l_1-k_almedalen-4.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="300" />This year UAC has arranged a seminar to openly talk about antibiotic resistance challengues and solutions with the public.</p> <p></p> <p></p> Fri, 06 Jul 2018 14:23:00 GMT 2018-07-06T14:23:00Z CLOSED: Associate Senior Lecturer Positions at UAC <p><img alt="" class="image-left" height="100" src="/digitalAssets/706/c_706404-l_1-k_chairs.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="294" /></p> <p></p> <p>Three positions as Associate Senior Lecturer to join UAC.</p> <p></p> Thu, 05 Apr 2018 09:09:00 GMT 2018-04-05T09:09:00Z Join our email list <p>If you are interested in receiving all UAC news and events directly on your inbox, subscribe to our e-mail list!</p> <p><img alt="" height="200" src="/digitalAssets/700/c_700122-l_1-k_maillist-01.jpg" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="200" /></p> Fri, 02 Mar 2018 15:31:00 GMT 2018-03-02T15:31:00Z UAC featured in Universen magazine <p>Our center has been featured in the cover and as a main reportage in the university magazine for employees Universen.</p> <p><img alt="" height="133" src="/digitalAssets/699/c_699790-l_1-k_screen-shot-2018-02-28-at-17.31.15.png" style="border-style:solid; border-width:0px" width="100" /></p> <p></p> Thu, 01 Mar 2018 13:41:00 GMT 2018-03-01T13:41:00Z